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2023-2024 Luncheon Programs

Topics are focused on informing our members of available local services and interests in our community. Please feel free to invite your friends and male guests. Reservations are required.

August 3, 2023 We all love our cats and dogs as if they are family members in our homes and we are passionate about their welfare. The Aggieland Humane Society will help us look into their programs for the future of our community’s pets. Executive Director, Katrina Ross, will share her vision for this organization to positively impact our community.


​​​​September 7, 2023 The local Jefferson Awards winner for 2023, who represented BCS at the National awards in Washington, DC last year, is Max Gerall. He is the acclaimed TAMU graduate who saw a need and fulfilled his ambition in 2017 to found a nonprofit organization called The Reach Project to help thousands to be seen and recognized as essential to Aggieland. He has an amazing story of helping humanity.


October 5, 2023 It’s a little known secret that students entering the Corps of Cadets could attend on a free ride as they learn incredible leadership skills through the training programs offered to our sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends. Esteemed Aggie and Brigadier General Patrick R. Michaelis, is an outstanding distinguished, decorated military leader, and in his capable hands, we are at an important point of program development and growth.

​​November 2, 2023 Do you wonder how men and women differ in symptoms and treatment of many acute ailments such as a heart attack? Would you know what to do and how to do it in case of an emergency? Come have these conversations with us and the College Station Fire Department Emergency Medical Services.

December 7, 2023 Swing easily into celebrating the holidays, come enjoy the “Ringside Christmas Winter Wonderland”, acapella Barbershop Harmony Society quartet from Houston and Bryan. They have been entertaining audiences since 2008. Bring your friends to this wonderful gathering and relax to the seasonal music.



February 1, 2024 Think you know everything there is to know about the American Red Cross, but do you? They are not just about disaster relief anymore. What can they do for you? What are the newest guidelines for CPR? Do you know how they can help all war Veterans today? Come learn about the new vision and services that can benefit local citizens.

March 7, 2024 Step back into time and come see how your friends would have looked strolling along their life’s journey through the 1880’s in this Vintage Fashion Show. Enjoy the music and the attire of the past, and laugh a little, or a lot. Costume sizes will be seeking willing models, please contact Pam Smits.

April 4, 2024 Today’s world isn’t the world we grew up in. It’s a different place now. Are you prepared for your own personal safety? Can you educate your male and female children and grandchildren on how to be safe in experiences in our world today? Lindsey LeBlanc is the Executive Director of SARC and she will prepare our awareness on how to prevent, protect and educate ourselves and our loved ones against sexual violence. The Sexual Assault Resource Center coordinates a wide variety of outreach activities across the Brazos Valley.

May 2, 2024 To end this year with lots of fun and laughter, now’s your chance to get up, get moving, get entertained! We will have a Line Dancing Troupe demonstration and learn about the exceptional health benefits to being active. We will then install our new 60th year Board of Executive Officers and Appointed Committee Members for the upcoming 2024-2025 Newcomers & Friends Club.




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